Triton Enterprises is a high-end real estate development company specializing in the restoration and recreation of Manhattan townhouses. We are founded on the principle that our clients deserve a better kind of product: one that is detail driven to emphasize the quality of space, maximize value per square foot, and preserve the elegance and grandeur of New York’s yesteryear. Our mission is to seamlessly tie the past with the present, going beyond the general renovation to produce a home with unparalleled taste that appeals to even the most discerning of buyers.

About the Founder George Agiovlasitis

George Agiovlasitis is the president and founder of Triton Enterprises. Studying fine arts at New York University, George had the good fortune of knowing his passion from a young age. Realizing that passion, George started his first business as an antiques dealer in Manhattan at the age of seventeen. To fill his shop, he traveled to Paris and London, purchasing antiques from auctions and wholesale dealers. During his antiques endeavors, he became very adept at repairing and restoring anything old. His ability to foresee future trends led him to develop a very successful line of reproduction antique mirrored furniture long before any competitor knew how popular it would become.

George’s second love was 19th century American architecture, with a special interest in revival style townhouses and mansions. As member of a second- generation real estate business, it was only a matter of time before a natural merging of family business, his antiques business, and his love of beautiful historic houses in New York City led George to his current business and love: the historic restoration of our heritage.

In 1987, George completed his first townhouse on the Upper West Side off Central Park West, where he currently resides with his wife and two sons. The project was not an easy feat – George personally traveled to Buffalo, New York, where he purchased the interior of an American Renaissance Revival mansion that was to be demolished. He salvaged most of the paneling, interior doors, and stained glass windows, which he then had installed in the home to create an interior of true museum quality.

In 2002, George founded Triton Enterprises with the goal of creating townhouses that truly go above and beyond the norm. He completed his second townhouse on the Upper West Side off River Side Drive. To the surprise of all the local brokers, the house commanded a record-breaking price per square foot for the area upon sale. In 2007, George focused his passion in the West Village, where he just completed a mansion that serves as a prime example of Greek revival into Italianate architecture. All his efforts blend together into a perfect medley of old and new, elegant yet comfortable, historic yet contemporary, with perfectly transitional interiors that lend themselves to anything from contemporary furniture to classic antiques.